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Green Thumb
» Not Just For Bikers
Chicago's biggest alternative transit organization moves people under a new name.
» Change for the Greener
Sharon shares her three green resolutions for 2009.
» Live Smart, Not Hard
The Smart Home at the Museum of Science and Industry features the latest in green technology.
» Centerstage TV: Eco-Holiday Edition
Get the goods on everything from setting your table to shopping sustainably with our video reports.
» The Holiday Green Guide
Here are some helpful hints for a sustainable season.
» Climate of Change
Chicagoís Climate Action Plan puts our future in focus.
» The Green Gift Guide
A short list of planet-friendly gift ideas to make your holidays a little greener.
» Ending the Cold War
Save energy and money by installing a programmable thermostat.
» Haunting Consciously
There's no trick to being environmentally friendly this Halloween.
» Hold the Phone
Keep that old cell phone out of the landfill by donating it to a responsible recycler.
» Uncharted Ground
The new Uncommon Ground paves the way for ultra-local, community focused, green cuisine.
» Summer In a Jar
Sharon captures the flavors of the harvest by canning at home.
» Worth the Wait
A meal hosted by Slow Food Chicago proves that all good things come in due time.
» Come On In...If The Water's Fine
Why you should check the swim report before hitting the beach.
» Get in a Pickle
Chicago's only food co-op will soon be a reality.
» Vigilante Planting
With seed bombing, you can green the city on your own terms.
» Saving Grace
A visit to Salvage One proves that designing with reused materials isn't all dusty doorknobs.
» Seven-Day Cycling
Three dollars a gallon. What more reason do you need to bike to work for a week (or more)?
» Of Bees and Men
The Chicago Honey Co-op draws sweet sustenance from a once-barren West Side lot.
» Open Season
As the farmers markets kick into gear, Sharon heads out for local produce and community-centric revelry.
» Clean Clothes Without Percs
Sharon takes her duds to the Greener Cleaner for brighter, carcinogen-free whites.
» Fresh Veggies, Hold the Lead
Before planting a bounty of edibles in your garden, be sure to test your soil.
» A Proud Heritage
Sharon celebrates diversity this spring by starting heirloom seeds.
» I Guess I'll Go Keep Worms
Sharon starts a worm composting bin and turns her trash into treasure.
» There's Gotta Be a Catch
For the seafood lover, eating responsibly can be slippery business.
» Wee Little House for Wee Little Plants
A handy friend gives Sharon advice on how to build a cold frame.
» Home Green Home
Sharon takes a tour through a green building and learns how Chicago is leading the way in sustainable construction.
» Bringing Up Baby
Life with an antioxidant-rich kombucha culture isn't all mushrooms and squiddles.
» Green Leaves
Sharon shares three great eco-focused reads to kick off the new year.
» Give Thanks for Local Farms
Making a feast of locally grown foods is easy if you know where to look.
» Not Too Cold to Ride
Sharon shares her survival guide to all-weather biking.
» Green on the Catwalk
High-fashion designers are becoming eco-conscious. But what the heck does that mean?
» The Great Bottle Debate
Sharon wades through the bottled water quagmire for a sip of clarity.
» Live Free and Drive
Sharon joins I-GO car sharing and enjoys the best of both worlds.
» Bedding Down for Fall
Sharon does some autumn planting with a little guidance from the Chicago Botanic Garden.
» Buckets of Rain
Bring water to the table by redirecting your downspout and collecting rain in a bucket.
» Cold Comfort
Sharon rigs up a DIY air conditioner to cool her apartment without warming the planet.
» It Takes a Village to Raise a Tomato
Sharon rolls up her sleeves to get the dirt on urban farming.
» Scrimp Your Ride
Our new eco-expert learns do-it-yourself bike maintenance from West Town Bikes.
» Sunscreen Shopping: No Day at the Beach
Julia tackles the question of earth- and skin-friendly sun protection.
» Get The Monkey (And Everything Else) Off Your Back
Julia finds new freedom by fixing up her bike to haul her gear.
» French Fries and Faux Chicken Nuggets?
Julia finds a way into the fast food nation without sacrificing her eco-minded ideals.
» Imported Tip: Swap Your Clothes Montreal-Style
Clothing swap parties are Julia's new favorite way to shop.
» It's Only Natural
A visit to the naturopathic doctor leaves Julia feeling more informed and less toxic.
» A Drop in the Bucket
Julia becomes a composter-in-training with encouragement from her urban-dwelling, composting friend.
» Singing the Recycling Blues
Julia gives us the run-down on pilot recycling program and offers helpful tips toward joining the recycling revolution.
» Healthy/Organic Eating on the Cheap
Julia learns a happy lesson from Healthy Dining Chicago publisher Laura Bruzas.
» Eating My Way Through FamilyFarmed
Julia puts on an earth-friendly pound (or ten) at the EXPO2007.
» Greenie Cooking Tip: Make Your Own Veggie Stock
Protect your system against the seasonal plummet (and even cinch your waistline) with homemade vegetable broth.
» The Finish Line
Julia finishes up the eight-week Green Challenge by rethinking what goes in the trash and down the drain.
» Hunting Down the Phantom Load
As much as 40 percent of the electricity used in the US comes from appliances that aren't even turned on!
» A Food And Fashion Overhaul
With the Green Challenge at its halfway point, Julia looks at bad fabrics and from-far-away fruits.
» Green Challenge, Week Two
My first mission: a face-off with the biggest eco-offender in my lifeómy car.
» Don't Count Carbs, Count Carbon!
Julia sets off on an eight-week challenge to reduce her carbon dioxide emissions.
» Don't Chuck that Tube Down the Chute!
Ready to kill your TV? Just be sure to recycle it.
» Greenie Craft Corner
Recycle your sweater into a fab winter hat.
» Horn of Plenty
Julia gives thanks for the autumn bounty by checking out fresh options from local growers.
» Pinot Noir Without the Lysol
A toast to organic wine, straight from Oregon's wine country.
» A Cuppa Fair Trade, Please
Figuring out exactly what Fair Trade means...and where to get coffee with the stamp of approval.
» DIY Decor
A wise greenie saves some cash by refashioning old gear to redecorate her space.
» From the Tree to the Tummy
A trip to an orchard yields a 20-pound bounty of apples.
» Shopping With the Chef
Mastering the famers' market with Chef Noah...then eating our spoils in gourmet fashion.
» Ode to the Heirloom Tomato
Get thee to your local farmers' market and fill a bag with these beauties before it's too late!
» Needle Me
Last Thursday, I let a woman I'd just met stick a needle between my eyes.
» Making the Most Out of Mulch
Community gardening is quite fulfilling, sunburn and all.
» I Have Difficult Hair
Luckily, Aveda's earth-friendly haircare comes cheap...if you know where to look.
» The Avocado Chronicles
This not-so-green-thumb tries her hand at growing avocados...and more.
» Go Fly a Kite
Get outdoors with the best toy to have in the Windy City.
» Dump the Chemicals
This week's eco-adventure: Purge the toxic household cleaners!
» Getting Juicy
Taking on the healthy kind of liquid diet, celery and all.
» Going My Way?
Get on board with the debut of Centerstage's enviro-health column.

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