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Kenneth Fearing
1902 - 1961

Kenneth Fearing was a journalist, poet, and novelist born in Oak Park in 1902. He attended the University of Wisconsin. In his fictional works, Fearing satirized the middle class, often using savage dialogue.


  • Angel Arms, 1929
  • Poems, 1935
  • Dead Reckoning: A Book of Poetry, 1938
  • The Hospital, 1939
  • Collected Poems of Kenneth Fearing, 1940
  • The Dagger of the Mind, 1941
  • Clark Gifford's Body, 1942
  • Afternoon of a Pawnbroker and Other Poems, 1943
  • Sherlock Spends a Day in the Country, 1944
  • The Big Clock, 1946
  • Loneliest Girl in the World: A Novel, 1951
  • The Generous Heart: A Novel, 1954
  • New and Selected Poems, 1956
  • The Crozart Story, 1960
  • Stranger at Coney Island and Other Poems
  • The Complete Poems, 1997

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