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» Shred One
Shred One looks to make her mark
» Meaty Ogre
DJ/Producer Meaty Ogre adds label exec to his resume
» Panik
A veteran producer returns anew
» Qwazaar
With his new album, a balance has been struck
» An Aesthetic Anaesthetic
From Colorado to Chicago, this band has come a long way
» Auburn
Newcomers with ambitions
» Void Pedal
A new voice in instrumental hip-hop
» Elliot Bergman
NOMO Front Man Marches Forward
» Fly Phoenix
The Fly Phoenix sound rises.
» Visual
Windy City inspired.
» Fieldwerk Recordings
Meet one of Chicago's premier hip-hop labels.
» NYE 2010 Picks: Concerts
Want to see music on New Year's Eve? These concerts should have you grooving into 2011
» Scheme
This emcee is helping to usher in a new era for the Molemen.
» Capital D
Hip-hoppper steps out of his comfort zone
» Simeon Viltz
Primeridian founder is a busy man on the local hip-hop scene.
» FM Supreme
Emcee, teacher looks to break down gender, cultural barriers.
» The Opposition Party
Ten-piece afrobeat ensemble looks to get your feet (and butt) moving.
» Mr. Greenweedz
Longtime emcee talks about his experiences and gives his take on the Chicago hip-hop scene.
» Loyal Divide
Ohio rockers have transformed their haunting sound into the Chicago scene.
» DJ Rude 1
Old-school DJ has been on the scene for more than two decades.
» Jesse De La Pena
Local DJ has seen it all in the Chicago music scene.
» K-Kruz
The esteemed producer tells us why he had to forget most his musical training to make beats.
» Que Billah
West Side emcee has performed with the best of them and is ready to take it to the next level.
» Follow Friday: The Homoticons
This transsexual trio takes its cue from high-end lingerie – with silky results.
Humboldt Park-bred DJ talks about his career and the Chicago hip-hop scene.
» Follow Friday: Actor Slash Model
Gender-bending music is just the beginning for this local duo.
» Qwel
The always-evolving rapper reflects on his past and hints at a Typical Cats return.
» Follow Friday: Love Raid
The pop trio combines years of experience into an irresistible sound.
» Chicago Blues Festival Picks
The 2010 edition of the world's largest free blues festival keeps things close to home.
» Follow Friday: Roommate
You won't find experimental pop this good on Craigslist.
» Mr. Peabody Records
Two local guys have made a small record shop into an international destination.
» Follow Friday: Algernon
Five instruments, one noisy take on jazz-rock.
» Follow Friday: Jeff Greene
The bassist/composer never stops honing his craft.
» Follow Friday: Greg Ward
The saxophonist got kicked out of his own first show, but he didn't let that slow him down.
» Idris Goodwin
What's the difference between spoken word and hip-hop? Not as much as you think.
» Record Store Day 2010
As you hunt for limited-edition vinyl on Saturday, keep these Chicago-centric releases in mind.
» Follow Friday: Dana Hall
The drummer's transition to bandleader has perked up ears across his adopted city.
The RubyHornet editor tells us how much second graders care about the Beastie Boys.
» Follow Friday: Chicago Yestet
Say yes to powerful grooves that inspire the rabble-rouser in all of us.
» Best New Ravinia Acts of 2010
Ravinia's welcoming some fresh faces this year; here's the best of the lot.
» Follow Friday: Sabertooth
The Green Mill resident band lets it all hang out.
» Don't Mess With Who?
We take a closer look at six rising Chicago stars heading to Texas for the annual South By Southwest fest.
» Follow Friday: Model Citizens Big Band
Get into the swing of things with a classic Chicago collective. You'll get it eventually.
» Decay
Living in almost every area of Chicago has given this rapper a lot of inspiration.
» Follow Friday: Jeff Wichmann
The trumpet and koto player discusses his first funeral gig and the benefits of sensory deprivation.
» Follow Friday: Darren Garvey
The man of many bands gets ready to release his first solo effort.
» Psalm One
Creative raps made this South Side native popular in high school; her long-awaited new project should provide a similar boost.
» Follow Friday: Packy Lundholm
The multi-instrumentalist gives the people what they want -- unless they want him to slow down.
» The Jordan Years
The funky five-piece discusses hotties, fat analog sounds and spending time in the 'spliff-bunker.'
» Follow Friday: The Dirty Rooks
The booze-rock band has less-than-perfect memories of the White Sox World Series win.
» Universal Ninjas
The duo's mix of humor and soul has Lollapalooza bookers interested - even if they don't realize it yet.
» Bailiff
Talking deep-dish and instant gratification with the progressive blues band.
» Black Bear Combo
The Gypsy-brass group has been to the White House and back.
» Tomorrow Never Knows 2010
Schubas' midwinter festival returns to give us a glimpse of this year's breakout bands.
» Violetness
The songstress gives credit to Marky Mark, her church and Chicago gold-diggers.
» H20 Soul
Class is in session for this Pharcyde-approved hip-hop band.
» NYE Picks: Concerts
Want to see music on New Year's Eve? These concerts should have you grooving into 2010.
» Diverse
The enigmatic rapper tells us where he's been and why his new album will be worth the long wait.
» Vertual Vertigo
This local hip-hop group remembers when Bucktown was still buck.
» J-Rell
Winning the Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle has given this producer wings.
» Terrible Spaceship
This sci-fi funk collective owes everything to Orson Welles.
» Adad
A career that started at a high-school strip show now includes projects with some of the West Coast's top producers.
» Caural
The well-educated musician tells us why beat-making is pointless -- and why Kenny G ain't jazz.
» Out of This World
The 2009 Chicago World Music Festival has nearly every country covered - here's what's worth the trip.
» Isis Rose
Haters are just fans in disguise, says this versatile singer.
» Around the Horn
Bop your way through our top picks for the 2009 Chicago Jazz Festival.
» Get Schooled in Cool
Left out of the Lolla lineup? Start practicing for next year at one of these music schools.
» 1773
The golden-era hip-hoppers are big in Japan, but they'll always call Chicago home.
» Under 18 Clubs in Chicago
These Chicago music clubs regularly admit fans who are 17 and under.
» Live Music for Less Than $5
Lolla and Ravinia too pricy for you? Here are some budget-minded concert alternatives.
» Hi-Fidel
No matter what name he goes by, this Chicago native lives to express.
» Tone B. Nimble
All Natural's past, present and future belong to this versatile DJ and producer.
» The Gent$
There's nothing classier than shooting a video at the Sybaris.
» Best Beats 5/21/09
If you don't like dirty fruit, stay out of Metro on Friday night.
» Innosphere
What's in a name? Defiance of categorization, that's what.
» Best Beats 5/12/09
Meet the man who made De La Soul famous.
» Best Beats 5/4/09
Prescription for an affordable Saturday night: beers, deep house and rare disco at Sonotheque.
» Spq-Her
Don't mess with these divas unless you're prepared for a big hit of hip-hop and soul.
» Best Beats 4/27/09
Dance music is a dialogue, and you're invited to the conversation Saturday night.
» Hip-Hop Stops
Hit these Chicago clubs to get your regular fix of beats and rhymes.
» DJ Pickel
The veteran DJ won't take requests...but he will answer our questions.
» Best Beats 4/20/09
HeartsRevolution brings cool-kid cred to Spandexxx on Friday.
» Blues Clues
We pick the best Chicago blues clubs for every occasion.
» Ranking Ravinia 2009
The top 10 shows to see this summer in Highland Park.
» Best Beats 4/14/09
Kid Koala's opened for Bjork and Radiohead; he should be able to rock the Zentra stage.
» Tall Black Guy
The '80s baby talks about what's coming up in '09.
» Gettin' Jazzy With It
We pick the best Chicago jazz clubs for every occasion.
» Maker
The in-demand hip-hop producer will never forget his first love: Kiss.
» Best Beats 4/6/09
Two Italian dudes will remix your life on Saturday.
» Best Beats 3/31/09
Million $ Mano helps Evil Olive celebrate two years of late-night parties in Wicker Park.
» DJ Intel
The man of eight residencies gives us his list of prized records.
» Best Beats 3/23/09
Gui Borrato might just make you rethink the future of techno.
» Black Stone Theatre Collective
All Natural's disco denizens draw inspiration from '50s jazz and house chores.
» Best Beats 3/17/09
Get ready for a full weekend of disco, courtesy of Lono Brazil.
» JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound
Chicago's newest soul revivalists talk sailor suits, jet packs and Wu-Tang lovin' sexagenarians.
» Best Beats 3/9/09
Dress your best for the Akira/Goorin Bros. fashion show at Sonotheque.
» Meat Number 5
The duo's protein-filled beats will do a body good...if they don't disgust you first.
» South By Chicago
These Chicago bands hope to make a big impression at SXSW 2009, even if they have to use PB&J.
» Radius
One of 2008's most exciting producers talks about winter, women and why life was tougher 10 years ago.
» Best Beats 3/2/09
Party all day and all night in honor of Chicago's favorite nightlife photographer.
» Best Beats 2/23/09
Will you have Big Fun at Crocodile or stick with Flosstradamus at Sonotheque?
» Super Heroes of Sound
A loose collective of local musicians is out to save hip-hop from the forces of evil.
» Best Beats 2/16/09
You'll be a Brazil nut Friday during a special edition of Sonotheque's Braziliance.
» Best Beats 2/9/09
After a while, everyone ends up at Crocodile...for The Cooler on Sunday night.
» Vertikal
This eight-piece band takes neo-soul to new heights.
» The Hood Internet
This Chicago duo is re-animating pop songs and the mash-up scene itself.
» Best Beats 2/2/09
Get in the mood for V-Day with Afrodisiac at Sonotheque.
» Flosstradamus
This DJ duo has been inciting dance-floor riots since back when Chicago was known as Haterville.
» Polyphonic the Verbose
Catch this well-trained musician before he absconds to Alaska.
» Best Beats 1/26/09
Don't Mess Around; Get Loose and get ready for some Dance Party Magic on Saturday.
» Awdazcate
Here's one rapper who wouldn't mind getting laughed off the stage.
» Best Beats 1/19/09
The Hideout hosts a night of soul, early and late.
» Best Beats 1/12/09
Get free beats and $5 pizzas at Crocodile on Saturday night.
» Phillip Morris
The West Side MC isn't afraid of a little controversy in his music.
» Chantalism
The Laotian rapper behind Maintenance Crew talks about Chicago artists, both the good and the wack.
» Royce
The seven guys in this hip-hop band have a lot of opinions, and a lot of love for Chicago.
» Best Beats: 1/3/09
Lava's house-music party gets a hot new name this Friday.
» Lowdown Brass Band
Get down and funky with these self-proclaimed horn nerds.
» Best Beats: 12/28/08
Just because it's New Year's Eve, it doesn't mean you have to drop a lot of dough.
» Serengeti
The prolific MC has three new albums on the way, and, appropriately, a lot to say.
» Hey Champ
Are they DJs? Are they a band? As long as they keep making good music, no one cares.
» Best Beats: 12/22/08
There'll be no post-Christmas blues this weekend, thanks to DJ Lego, DJ Eleven and others.
» Best Beats: 12/15/08
Zentra's under HouseArrest on Friday...this is a good thing if you like to dance.
» Kenny Keys
The producer finds a happy medium between the keyboard and the MPC.
» Tony Trimm
The rapper/producer is a busy man...but not too busy to invent new ways of killing rats.
» The BeesKnees
This creative quartet pays homage to the mighty avocado with its dance grooves.
» The Giving Tree Band
These acoustic folk-rockers just recorded the world's greenest album.
» DJ Trew
This party-starter beat bone cancer; surely he can help Chicago ditch its 'Haterville' tag.
» Treologic
The MC and the DJ are just two small parts of this ever-evolving hip-hop band.
» Joe Bryl
We talk to the man behind one of Chicago's most musically adventurous clubs.
» Rah Rah Riot
This year's Riot Fest will give everyone something to talk about.
» A Little Bit Country
Give the Country Music Festival a chance to change your mind about America's favorite genre.
» Rock Around the Block
We've got everything you need to know about this weekend's Hideout Block Party, arranged alphabetically for your convenience.
» Can You Dig It?
Thanks to the Numero Group, the "Brotherman" soundtrack is finally being heard.
» Horns Of Plenty
The Chicago Jazz Festival celebrates its 30th anniversary in style.
» The Graduate
These downstate rockers have aced the college charts and are ready to conquer the big city.
» Wax Poetic
Break out the turntable in honor of these vinyl-centric record stores.
» Howard and the White Boys
Talkin' colorblind new-generation Chicago blues.
» DJ White Shadow
The celebrity DJ hasn't lost sight of what got him to where he is.
» Michael Teach
The co-founder of Chicago Acoustic Underground talks about his free-music mission.
» Matthew Santos
Thanks to some high-profile collaborations, this talented singer is on his way to becoming a superstar in his own right.
» Alex Inglizian
One man's toy is another man's instrument (as long as he knows how to hack it).
» The Windy City on Wax
Chicago's home to a lot of legendary record labels; here's a look at some of the most prominent.
» Ear to the Underground
Think you've been to every music venue in the city? You may have missed these under-the-radar locales.
» Heavy-Metal Hangouts
Chicago's hard-rock scene is one of the nation's strongest. Here's where to go to get in on the headbanging action.
» Raving About Ravinia
This outdoor amphitheater's summer lineup might just have Lollapalooza beat. Check out our list of can't-miss performances.
» Happy Hour Heroes
Lubriphonic's weekly show passes the test with flying colors.
» This Is Our Country
With cheap beer and classic country tunes, Carol's Pub makes it easy to forget where you are.
» California Dreams
You won't want to cut your night short at this Humboldt Park hotspot.
» Skip to the End
Stop by Smartbar for a smooth finish to the weekend...but don't count on much fanfare.
» Fill 'Er Up
With intriguing sounds and cheap drinks, the Empty Bottle's free concerts make for a fulfilling experience.
» Catching Some Zs in D Minor
Stop by the Cultural Center on Mondays for a lunchtime lullaby.
» Fists n' Fiddles
Tuesday nights at the Red Line Tap are all about tradition.
» C Is For Crazy
Go-go to Martyrs' to discover love for a lost genre.
» Getting Intimate
Get up close and personal with jazz at Green Dolphin Street on Sunday nights.
» Saturday Night in the Garden of Good and Evil
Nick's Beer Garden offers a little something for everyone on weekend nights.
» Tagged and Bagged
Back2Basics traffics in true hip-hop culture, and sometimes that can mean trouble.
» Early Exposure
There's plenty of good hip-hop at darkroom, but you might want to arrive fashionably late.
» Up With People
People Lounge's Thursday night jazz offers plenty of sweet sounds...if you can pull yourself away from the screen.
» Taking the Floor
Chicago SummerDance provides family-friendly fun for the uncoordinated.
» Near Northwest Side Story
Davenport's Show Tune Sundays appeal to the thespian in everyone…if you can find it.
» Kingston Mines
"Doc" Pellegrino can still hear the blues.
» Rosa's Lounge
Home to the blues...and Tony Mangiullo planned it that way.

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