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Liz Phair
Chicago-area Suburbanite Gen. X queen who's been on the cover of Rolling Stone, on the David Letterman show, Grammy-nominated, and has a six-figure deal with Atlantic Records. She's toured with another strong-willed female rock figure, Alanis Morissette, and been a part of Lilith Fair (Phair?). She's also apparently going to appear in a print ad campaign for Calvin Klein's cK jeans and clothing (other music figures involved include Garbage's Shirley Manson, John Spencer, and Foxy Brown).

The long-expected release, Whitechocolatespaceegg (Matador) finally made it to shelves near you on August 11 1998, loaded top-to-bottom with melodic, accessible music. A bit more introspective, and certainly less strident than past efforts, it is still a fantastic piece of work that shows that Phair's artistry is maturing at least as quickly as she is herself. All in all an accomplished and polished effort with several pop gems to boot. She and long-time producer Brad Wood (who had clashed over Phair cancelling her Whipsmart tour after Wood cleared his schedule to produce it), were luckily able to get back together for this one.

Phair performed at 15 stops on this year's Lilith Fair (Ph :) tour, picking up a few gigs from an exhausted Sheryl Crow. She's reportedly overcome the terrible stage fright which made her earlier shows painful.

At one point, says Brad Wood, her friend, drummer, and recording engineer, she was "the most hated woman in Chicago."

She and then-husband Jim Staskauskas welcomed their first child, James Nicholas Staskauskas (aka Nick) on December 21, 1996.

From her early days (where her stage-fright made her live shows painful), she's become pretty tolerable, and a media darling, to boot. She's currently recording a new album (backed by a new bunch, including Loud Lucy bassist Tommy Furar and Lupin Blast.

Adopted as an infant, her father is an AIDS researcher and head of infectious diseases at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and her mother teaches at the Art Institute. She studied Art History at Oberlin, and came home to hang out with her friends at the Heartland Cafe... Phair was exposed to the name Guyville (the idea of Hyde Park's Chris Holmes) through friends Urge Overkill, who were part of the Rainbo Club scene (which at that time also included Jim Ellison and producer Brad Wood)

Her Wood-produced albums, include the critically acclaimed debut (including Album of the Year from Spin and the Village Voice), Exile in Guyville and Whip-Smart... In '96 Phair was in the Chicago Trax studios with Material Issue's Jim Ellison (just before his demise), tracking their song "Rocket Boy" for the upcoming Bernardo Bertolucci movie Stealing Beauty. (Capitol). When Matador and Capitol parted ways recently, Phair stayed behind at the major label...

With a new makeover, Liz Phair returned after a 5 year break with a self-titled album in 2003. While Whitechocolatespaceegg showed Liz's softer more laid-back side, her self-titled album marked her wilder, yet mature side as a newly divorced mother not willing to give up the fishnet stockings and dirty lyrics. Liz is already working on her next album, no release date has been set.

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