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Souled American
This Chicago roots rock band formed in 1987, signed a record contract in 1988, released three discs (Fe, Flubber, and Around the Horn and an album of covers, called Sonny) and during 1991, for all intents and purposes, disappeared.

The U.S. division of their label, Rough Trade, failed (btw, the Rough Trade records will be re-issued on Tumult, a San Francisco-based indie sometime in '99) and drummer Jamey Barnard left to spend more time with his family. The remainder of the band, basist Joe Adducci, guitarists Chris Grigoroff and Scott Tuma, holed up and developed a new, more deliberate take on their music. The fact that folks are again talking about Souled American may have a good deal to do with the handiwork of a New York guerrilla music writer Camden Joy whose project Fifty Posters About Souled American plastered Manhattan with detailed and personal raves about the band.

Ironically, their H.O.R.D.E.-like style was to become popular during their absence. Until early October, 1997, they hadn't performed live in Chicago in years and, though they've released three albums since 1991 (including Frozen and the new Notes Campfire on the German indie Moll, which has been reissued in the states by Catamount Records), none of them are widely available in the US. You can get them from the band, however, at P.O. Box 146477, Chicago 60614.

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