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Sweet Magic Studio

View Map 6960 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago
Tel: (773) 764-6488
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  • mearl sledge says:
    On Sunday 2/10/13 4:24 PM
    I have been taking Belly Dance with Kareena for one year and I love it! My body is muscular and bulky but Kareena really works with me so I can stay true to form! Drop in an watch her work!!! You will be inspired to join in!

  • nxmobdljrb says:
    On Sunday 11/11/12 7:43 PM
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  • eqoynikbqa says:
    On Sunday 11/11/12 10:09 AM
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  • qvrhfayp says:
    On Friday 11/9/12 7:27 PM
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  • fatnhmsgnxl says:
    On Friday 11/9/12 1:00 PM
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  • Pintilie says:
    On Friday 11/9/12 2:26 AM
    hey sadie !!!! now adays i am fllowing ur youga and its garaeat fun ..i just want to loose soome of the stomach fat which is rite under the bust . how shud i do it or which of ur vedio should i followw????? just geme the link or just write it back to me il be really veryy thankfulllllll .waiting ..

  • Liss says:
    On Thursday 11/8/12 11:38 PM
    Hello thank you for your videos they are very helupfl, I am having some trouble with my flexibility but am fit and healthy, if I do my asanas using breath of fire would it accelerate my flexibility? Thanks for your support

  • Denise says:
    On Wednesday 6/13/12 10:12 AM
    AAA+++++ Sweet Magic Studio has been a great help to me. I am a senior citizen and after years of working in a sedentary job, my muscles were very tight. At my age (71) I hesitated to go to a yoga class, but I pushed myself and the payoff has been enormous. The atmosphere Kareena provides is so welcoming and non competitive. Students of all ages and abilities are welcome. I love the mix of students in the classes. Kareena knows exactly what adjustment each student might benefit from. I have noticed a huge difference in my flexibility, strength, breathing, and sleeping. Each time I leave class I feel lighter, stronger, and feel I am walking on clouds. Sweet Magic Studio is the best!!!

  • Norm Don says:
    On Monday 8/1/11 7:27 PM
    I recently suffered a back injury. A physical therapist prescribed at home exercise to strengthen my lower back. Kareena is helping me to stick to the regime by adding yoga stretches and other holistic techniques. She has taught me how to use the breath to open and lengthen the lumbar vertebrae. Also, how to self-massage thru a simple rolling technique that makes my back feel so good that I have experienced mild samadhi. Kareena also gives me deeper insights into my condition and how to avoid future problems.

  • Adam P. says:
    On Sunday 7/3/11 9:27 PM
    In about 7 months my hips and shoulders have loosened up and I feel much better, but also I just plain enjoy the company, ambience, and music of the bellydance classes. In Chicago not a lot of guys brave this style, but I'd had it in my heart a couple years and finally walked in. I plan to keep this fun studio part of my life for a long time.

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