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Electric Guitars by Fred Mangan

View Map 2851 W. Augusta Blvd., Chicago
Tel: (312) 497-2418
View Website
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  • ediuhjyg says:
    On Saturday 7/14/12 11:18 AM
    FyJj7L mcokfnedpjev

  • fwbhlrcyb says:
    On Wednesday 7/11/12 8:53 PM
    P5KCfs szokeqotsfzs

  • Guadalupe says:
    On Wednesday 7/11/12 9:00 AM
    Bass Guitar:-Used to keep the beat-Usually doesnt cahnge his tempoGuitar:-Plays the actuall music-Usualy does cahnge his tempo-Best bet for beginersElectric Guitar:-Trickier then an acoustic guitar-Need an amp.-Has same purpose as normal acoustic guitarOverall:And acoustic guitar is better for beginers because it is easier to play. Unlike an electric, there is no need for an amp. and is overall cheaper. Also, when you know how to play the acoustic guitar, you will still need to learn a little about an electric one. Its like playing a violin, then moving onto a chelo. You know for the most part, what to do, but still must practice a little.

  • Pat Keiner says:
    On Saturday 4/19/08 12:32 PM
    I could tell the first time I met Fred that I was talking to a guy who has an obsession for perfection.Extremely smart Unpretentious,down to earth,funny, no B.S. and for the work he does, you can't beat the price.Even if you don't play guitar, you should stop in just to see his own wild guitar creations. For the amateur and professional I promise,you won't be disappointed.

  • Clive Williams says:
    On Thursday 6/14/07 2:22 PM
    God what a shop. Real art in the Wicker Park area! What a treat. You can really make music with his so called guitars. The guy is a huge weirdo what.

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