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Morrison Roadhouse

View Map 7355 N. Harlem Ave., Niles
Tel: (847) 588-1320
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  • Saibaba says:
    On Wednesday 10/9/13 1:43 AM
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  • Tanjana says:
    On Monday 10/7/13 7:02 PM
    Wowza is all I can say! It was absolutely faitastnc to see all our old Lions and to meet our newest Lions! I am looking forward to the best year EVER!

  • Sara says:
    On Monday 10/7/13 7:00 AM
    I like your taste in whisky. Myself, I did a colpue of shots of Jack just before heading to the altar.Dunno 'bout your economic analysis, but I dang sure know that your political analysis is a coupla slices short of a loaf. First, what someone likes to eat, drink and smoke has as much to do with their politics as what color socks they wear. Second, based on your "evidence," you have somehow concluded that Barack Obama (and I) hate America. Dude, just because someone's different from you doesn't mean he hates America or is un-American. Nothing's more American than the freedom to chooose what we want to eat, drink, and do. Those are the freedoms John McCain fought for, and I honor Sen. McCain for his brave, loyal service to America. I won't vote for Sen. McCain, but I won't stoop to petty, simplistic vilification. Instead, I will honor him as the second best candidate in this race, and if he's elected, as our President.Please think seriously about considering not just the negative of Obama, the man and the candidate. No one, not even Dick Cheney, is so thoroughly negative as you've painted Obama. Sure, he's far from perfect, but he's not totally negative, and surely you can't really believe that he and his supporters, including me, somehow hate America. Do us all a favor: 1) give us more credit than that; and 2) be smarter than that.Off my soapbox now...Joe

  • Jack says:
    On Saturday 10/5/13 11:34 AM
    OK, my wife is insisting that I ask this. Please don't blame me! She wroedns why you don't also serve BBQ chicken, along with the beef and pork. I'm not asking for chicken nuggets or wings, just pulled BBQ chicken (for her diet).

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