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View Map 3056 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago
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  • mauuxxllg says:
    On Monday 10/1/12 9:02 AM
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  • ikrjvdjju says:
    On Sunday 9/30/12 5:25 PM
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  • cjqsvsg says:
    On Saturday 9/29/12 7:32 AM
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  • Emil says:
    On Friday 9/28/12 11:46 PM
    He picked Spain.Too bad there wasn't a selicteon for Heavily carded game played by two teams of ponces and little girls. Every 4 years the World Cup reminds me why I hate soccer. Glad this idiocy is only once every 4 years. My only hope for the World Cup is that the idiots that run it will discover this new technology called instant replay . It might save them from more embarrassments. And they should allow refs to kick the babies flailing about on the pitch after someone runs past them. Short of blood, the little girls that play soccer should get back up and play the stupid game. It's as if the entire tournament was populated by hair stylists and fashion designers worried about their nails.

  • Tami says:
    On Sunday 9/26/10 11:36 AM
    My husband & I went to Chizakaya last night for dinner. Sat in the back at one of the communal tables & exposed kitchen (you wouldn't know there was a whole other area when you walk in). This is the opposite of what you see on those reality chef shows. No screaming here, just very calm staff.

    For drinks, I loved the Lie & Cheat. My husband had the Great Lakes beer from Ohio. He had this on one of his business trips & was excited to see it on the menu - he ordered it twice. All the beers were from Japan or the Midwest. On the back of their menu, they list the local farms they purchase from.

    We had a little bit of everything. The puffed pig ears-I swear I turned to look at the kitchen & when I looked back, my husband finished every little piece. The hamachi with bone marrow, congee, walleye, octopus salad, octopus skewer & chicken meatball were just a few of the items we ordered and all so wonderful. And dessert, I had the rice pudding - very yummy with the coconut.

    Overall a great time. Easy to find. Not many restaurants surrounding Chizakaya, it was like a hidden neighborhood gem, in an area not filled with valet signs every ten feet. We took a cab, but parking didn't seem difficult. It was Oktoberfest down the street at St. Alphonsus, so I think there were more cars than usual. I didn't have time to try the ramen, but I look forward to trying this on my next trip, with my own bowl of puffed pig ears.

  • Glenn says:
    On Saturday 9/25/10 10:42 PM
    We arrived at about 5:10PM and walked in the front door.

    Modern atmoshpere, warm. Staff was buzzing about.

    The hostess walked up to us. No Hello. No How are You. No welcome. No smile.

    Just, "We don't open until 5:30PM."

    Against my better judgment, we left and came back at 5:32PM. The front door was locked.

    Having these young, impeccably dressed hostesses may be beneficial for eye candy for someone looking for a cheap thrill. But, it's not good for business.

    Had a hostess done something like that in the restaurants I worked, the owner would not have been very pleased, to say the least.

    Needless to say, we will not be returning for a third time to see if the food is better than the total lack of hospitality.

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