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Great Sea Chinese Restaurant

View Map 3254 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 478-9129
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  • Ross says:
    On Sunday 11/9/08 3:49 PM
    Not only the best wings, but the best Mongolian beef anywhere. If you like your pot stickers crispy, those are great too. Been going there for 15 years, driving 20 miles just for tehir food.

  • Annie says:
    On Tuesday 1/8/08 1:49 PM
    My sister-in-law told me about Great Sea, and I've got to say, they are GREAT! The wings, shrimp, rice--everything is delicious. The service is great, whether you're getting take out or dining in. Some of the best Chinese food in Chicago.

  • MARCELA says:
    On Tuesday 9/4/07 1:26 PM

  • JDUB says:
    On Tuesday 12/26/06 1:15 PM
    Service is the worst. Its better if you are Korean, but not great. Gan Pong chicken is the best in the land, eating it at the restaurant is great, to go the food doesn't pack well and doesn't taste as crispy and good. Menu prices are too high, inconsistent food. Cham pong is great and so is Ja Jang myun. Service.. ahh, so terrible! Water or napkin refills? forgetabout it!

  • Not Jose, but HOSE B says:
    On Saturday 3/18/06 5:35 PM
    I'm a crazy Mexican and I eat Chinese food, kind of weird. I like the wings and sauce, delicioso y muy bien y salsa

  • Ina says:
    On Thursday 6/23/05 4:18 PM
    I love their spicy chicken (khang pong ghee)! The sauce is especially good and spicy. If you haven't tried it, you should!

  • Fv says:
    On Monday 2/28/05 3:53 PM
    Great Seas Restaurant is good but very inconsistent. They do have the best sauce that is used for their spicy chicken wings, but the flip side is that their wings are dry and over fried. We do keep going back because even with this flaw like another poster said "others have tried to copy but to no avail." this is true. I do not agree that the have great service. Prices are a bit high especially for that area. Over all It is a place we frequent often and it's a lot better then some places in China Town!

  • John Sanchez says:
    On Wednesday 12/15/04 9:05 PM
    The best wings on the planet. They have been here for a long time. Others have tried to copy it to no avail. I'm eating an order of the hot ones right now. Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Juan says:
    On Sunday 9/19/04 9:33 AM
    Great sea Restaurant is by far one of the top restaurants in Chicago. Friendly service great food, I recommend the spicy chicken wings and shrimp fried rice (note: Shrimps are the size of a infants hand.) Everyone should try this restaurant at least once.

  • z graphics sign shop says:
    On Sunday 3/7/04 2:42 PM
    the worlds best spicy chicken wings.everyone should eat there.

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