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View Map 1932 E. Higgins Rd., Elk Grove Village
Tel: (847) 439-8840
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  • gretchen ivy says:
    On Wednesday 3/10/10 8:55 PM
    Read about Hunter's in advance and had such high hopes. But, what I didn't know is they had recently begun not admitting t-girls. Because they apparently can't control their clientele, they decided to indiscriminatly humiliate anyone in drag at the front door. I'm not a fan of any bar (but esp. a gay bar) who would discriminate against the transgendered.

  • randy burd says:
    On Monday 10/20/08 7:06 AM
    Gus and I went to Hunters . it was my first time and his second time. Really enjoyed the place. We stayed at Days Inn. it was ok also. and we partied till 43 in the morning, and met a lot of people. The staff was very nice, and they know how to put on a party. It was their 26th anniversary party. Lots of food and drinks. Thumbs up to Hunters

  • SandyT of San Diego says:
    On Saturday 2/11/06 11:23 PM
    No trip to Chicago is complete without a COCKtail at Hunters! As an LA T Girl this is a fun spot to meet other Gurls and men who like gurls like us! The Days Inn next door is walking distance and understanding!

  • rob says:
    On Saturday 12/24/05 7:34 PM
    Music is great, drinks are large and cheap, bartenders are friendly, crowd is awesome, and not having to worry about being towed like in boyztown is defenitely a plus. Fridays is usually the busiest day. Saturdays music is also great, but I think everybody decides to go do boyztown on Sats. Thursdays are known for their male strippers, hot. Descent size club, much bigger than most in boyztown.

  • Ace of Clubs says:
    On Wednesday 7/14/04 2:24 PM
    For a taste of a Boystown club in the Northwest suburbs, Hunter's is your best choice. Well, actually, it's your only choice...but I digress. The throbbing beats of the techno-music, the swirling glare of the strobing lights and the twirling frenzy of the partons briefly influences one to believe that there's no need to even go to Chicago for hot boys and a hot time. But as your first cocktail sets in, so does reality. To be fair, Hunter's is a pretty decent substitute for the clubs of the "Big City." Though the music isn't quite as hip (are the "kids" really still listening to Cher like that), the drag-queens not quite as realistic (you may want a to consider shaving before doning a wig and a least your face) and the boys not quite as hot (though many are very sexy in their own suburbian kind of way), Hunter's gives you what you need when what you need is a quick drink, a cute little dance and a good laugh without driving 20 miles to get it.***It is important to note that this club is pretty ethnically diverse, a thumbs up...unless, that is, you're African American. Then you might start to feel somewhat on the outs--but just a litte. It could be worse.

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