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Lou Mitchell's

View Map 565 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago
Tel: (312) 939-3111
Fax: (312) 939-4400
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    On Wednesday 1/7/09 11:48 PM
    Don't ever go this place, even if it was the last place to eat on earth. The hostess was horrible, she was rude and racist, she practically through our menus on the floor. The waitress was nice but kind of clumsy and out of whack. I had the Denver omelet and the eggs were not cooked well, the onions and green peppers were not fresh, and instead of ham there was spam on it, SPAM!!! I returned the plate and the waitress came back 30 minutes later saying that she had forgotten my order. I was so mad that I decided to leave with my family, and I was not going to pay for my breakfast but the cashier threatened to call the cops and "deport me". I was so angry that I had the manager called and he said I had to pay for everything. I did, but called the Chicago Food Safety Department to place a complaint and when I mentioned Lou Mitchell, they placed me on hold and never got back to me. There is definitely something going on with that place. Please, DO NOT GO TO LOU MITCHELL'S.

  • chicagoan says:
    On Thursday 7/12/07 3:06 PM
    I guess it's ok if your south of the mason-dixon line...maybe even gourmet.

  • Joel Fletcher says:
    On Saturday 5/5/07 6:51 PM
    Ok, I've read the other reviews and I understand the natives may be a little more critical than those of us who are first time diners. However, our family loved the food, the doughnut holes, Milk Duds, complimentary ice cream and especially, the experience. We're coming back every time we travel to the "Windy City." C'mon you guys, loosen up.

  • Bob says:
    On Thursday 3/15/07 1:00 PM
    I don't understand what the big deal is. The food is ok --- the staff is quite rude and the hostess should seek another career in a non service related industry.

    What happened to good old american service? Some of us still remember where the service industry wasn't outsourced.

  • Former Customer says:
    On Thursday 3/15/07 11:42 AM
    As a long time customer, I regret to say that I'm no longer visiting this once great diner.

    I ordered a Caesars Salad, only to find out, after it was served, that there was no Caesar salad dressing. Also I waited about 20 minutes for it and received no apology from the host. The waitress was unattentive as well. I expect more than that for a $10 salad. I guess it's all part of the 'dummying down' of America!

  • Hackowitz says:
    On Tuesday 2/13/07 3:47 PM
    This place changed ownership some years back. It has always been noisy, and extremely crowded(downright uncomfortable, actually), but prior to the new management, the food was pretty good. Now it's average at best. So why put up with the hassle, for mediocre food? I don't anymore.

  • Cara and Paul says:
    On Friday 2/2/07 10:04 PM
    We stopped here because Lou's was on many roadside attractions lists to try...We came in and sat on the stools. (Love them!) We had a great older waitress by the name of Donna and all we had was the greatest coffee I have had in a long time. It was smooth and mellow and not like the nasty Starbuck's. We also tried the apple pie which was yummy.We noticed the man sitting next to us had breakfast sausages as thick or thicker than your thumb! We will go back when we are visiting friends and family again in Chicago.Look for Donna...she is so sweet!

  • John says:
    On Tuesday 1/30/07 6:09 PM
    Save your time and money - this place is a dump. Overrated, rude staff and the food is terrible.

  • Dave says:
    On Wednesday 12/20/06 10:52 PM
    Good service, bad service - I love this place. If I wanted characterless food and service, I’d go to some chain restaurant and get a crosandwich or something. Lou's doesn't take itself too seriously. And that's a freshing attribute nowadays - especially at breakfast.

  • Angel says:
    On Friday 10/27/06 3:38 PM
    We work a block away from this restaurant. We have been going there for lunch for the past two years almost every day. The food is wonderful, the service is great BUT beware of the hostess. She is rude, unaccommodating and should not be greeting diners. We have had numerous incidents with this person over seating. She randomly seats people, forgets your in line, or tells you that you can't have a booth if there is only two people and then will put two people in a booth right after she seats you. We have decided we won't be going back now after two years. And we go there almost every day........too bad.

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