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View Map 2238 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 281-2653
View Website
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  • xjvyslmwfpi says:
    On Monday 10/29/12 12:03 AM
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  • vyxufwby says:
    On Sunday 10/28/12 6:47 PM
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  • Rajnikant says:
    On Saturday 10/27/12 4:29 PM
    It would be cool to have it back to back with SOBCon (exhausting, though) for those of us fyinlg in for the event. Two weekends of bloggy fun would be terrific would save on airfare.This is so exciting. Let me know how I can help!@Karen: I don't know what they have planned, but WordCamps are supposed to be free or really low cost. In Chicago, it should be easy to find sponsors and keep it unconferency, which is what has worked beautifully for many WordCamp events, keeping the cost really low. $20-$25 is normal. I hope they can do the same here.

  • hioiqrxruk says:
    On Saturday 9/8/12 7:10 AM
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  • qffpmfklh says:
    On Friday 9/7/12 11:58 PM
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  • mgakngrxng says:
    On Thursday 9/6/12 5:00 PM
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  • dxeowh says:
    On Thursday 9/6/12 5:44 AM
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  • Shuhei says:
    On Wednesday 9/5/12 5:38 AM
    Houston and Chicago are completly dinerfeft climates, your body has to adjust therefor the headaches.Houston has more humidity, higher temps and dinerfeft allegerns and pollutants than chicago. The best thing is consult an allergist or your doctor, that way you can get some medication that will help your body to adjust to the dinerfeft enviroment. Also it is best not to take over 1200 miligrams of aspirin a day because it can lead to liver damage. Drink lots of water as hydration will also help you liver and your body to change.

  • Eddie Varlet says:
    On Friday 11/20/09 1:50 PM
    Went back to check this place out and discovered the dopey tattooed junkies are long gone, however, a bunch of T.V. baby sports goofs now own a percentage of the bar. No intelligent conversations to be found in there, IF they don't bother blocking up the doorway and barring anyone not in their simple-minded 'club'. Once a week these macho simps occupy this sterile dump and it appears that is the only day anyone goes in there. Since those creeps drink for free and bar outsiders, i don't see how they make any money.What a loss for the neighborhood as it was the last place residents could go on that street and have a great conversation. Hard to talk over the mindless T.V. programming and crap music blasting over everything. Run by the clueless for the clueless. Go to the Ale House on North Ave. if you want to see a real saloon. These punks on Lincoln are only dreaming. By the way, they should take down that website of theirs. Not only is it erroneous, but it's embarrassing as well.

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