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Black Rock

View Map 3614 N. Damen Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 348-4044
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  • jbszhopt says:
    On Saturday 11/12/11 6:21 AM
    Mf02Xe hjzhkyyrkkrn

  • yjusda says:
    On Thursday 11/10/11 2:21 AM
    K4DAak mknppukcohfi

  • Earthwind says:
    On Wednesday 11/9/11 1:03 PM
    Smack-dab what I was looikng for-ty!

  • Joe Neighborhood says:
    On Thursday 2/22/07 4:24 PM
    Don't believe the worthless centerstage review that's been up for 7 years. I live in the neighborhood and have been going to the BR since it opened. Here are a few corrections to the centerstage review. Black Rock is not an Irish bar (nor does it claim to be, so don't get mad because it's not authentically Irish enough), and it does not have 19 scotches--it has like 3 or 4 (just trying to head off some disappointment for any scotch-philes looking for a fix).

    What it is: a fantastic neighborhood bar with lots of loyal regulars on weekdays and large, diverse crowd on weekends. It's clean and polished, tastefully decorated (including the ubiquitous plasma screens) but has the old beat-up lived-in feeling you want in a local.

    It has a good selection of drafts and bottles, and the menu is definitely a step up from the average bar food (check out the pastas or the flatbread pizzas if you don't believe me). The spinach and artichoke dip and miniburgers are my favorites.

    Service is generally good, but as with any neighborhood bar can be a little quirky (your best bet is to get to know the bartenders...)

    The review did get the back room right. It's super cozy with the fireplaces and couches. It's a great place to do a party (I've been to several there) or bust out some Monopoly or Trvial Pursuit (provided) on a rainy weeknight.

    If you live nearby you should definitely make this one of your hang-outs.

  • Bob Steelballs says:
    On Monday 2/12/07 11:29 PM
    The miniburgers are to die for. Trust me, I've followed a few patrons home and murdered them after they've eaten my miniburgers. They're all mine damn it! Oh, the moose is gay and I'd like it if he'd stop trying to pick me up.

  • Barbie Beauty says:
    On Sunday 2/4/07 2:56 PM
    Limit your drink to bottled beer, that way you avoid dirty glasses and the probability that your more complicated order will be ruined by a bartender that doesn't know what he is doing. When an Irish bar messes up an Irish coffee then you know it's time to leave the building.

  • Johnny Loosemeat says:
    On Friday 11/3/06 2:15 PM
    Sometimes i like to go to Blackrock curl up with a nice cosmo and ponder the challenging issues of our time, such as manscaping and the pro's and con's of anal beads.

  • Steven Shivers says:
    On Friday 11/3/06 2:14 PM
    I like to go to Blackrock for the crowd. How can you beat sitting in the corner while Teddy's gravy is dripping off his chin and old Billy Brisquette is sitting there with himself in his hands. It makes me proud to part of such a wonderful northside neighborhood.

  • Billy Brisquette says:
    On Friday 11/3/06 1:59 PM
    I like to go to Black Rock and sit there with my cock and balls in my hand while I eat.

  • Roger Staubach says:
    On Friday 11/3/06 1:52 PM
    After a nice hard hitting football game, I like to go to BlackRock to relax with friends, talk playbooks and rip on Troy Aikman. Ahhh, Blackrock.

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