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Zero Gravity (Naperville)

View Map 22W613 75th St., Naperville
Tel: (630) 985-1111
View Website
Zero Gravity (Naperville) Details Find What Else Is Nearby User Reviews
145 Review(s) Total

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  • Beth says:
    On Friday 9/23/05 4:01 PM
    I have never been there, and I plan on going, cuz I want to have my own opinion...Im 17 and wanna have fun!!!!!

  • Alexa Gonzales says:
    On Sunday 9/11/05 1:54 PM
    WOW! People juss dob't know how to appreciate anyhting... personally i think zero was lots of fun. I think the people you go with also make the experience fun... we go when they have kool stuff like foam nite, school nite, or army nite and honestly they are a blast. Myabe you guys should try it out... when there are kkol nites!

  • Jessy says:
    On Friday 9/9/05 12:40 AM
    I went once, HATED it!! Number one there are 12 year olds in there, walkin around in underwear and thigh-high boots. Number two, they have this old food just sitting their as a buffet or somehting. number three the music just sucks. The hip-hop room, LAME! If you wanna waste $20 to go, go right ahead and have fun with that. But i say DON' GO if your your smart!

  • doc says:
    On Monday 9/5/05 7:05 PM
    If you like Racially profieled clubs that blame hip hop music for all the fights in the club then this is your place

  • Club Dread says:
    On Sunday 8/21/05 7:56 AM
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME ? this is not a club its a place where a bunch of young social sewage gathers. All the girls are frincken retards not to mention the guys look like penguins with down syndrom. I hate underage clubs they suck the only one thats any good is energy if you disagree I.M. me so i can talk shit to u. AIM:Damn I told u

  • Marcus Gordon says:
    On Wednesday 8/17/05 2:39 PM
    cont.... so i explianed the guy i was talking about and he didn't know what to say, so he called some big cock-deisel dude out there and he was yelling get outta here and we can't get in , just makeing a big deal out of it. and at the same time i seen this white guy come out of the club with baggy cargo pants and a white t-shirt. so i looked and pointed and was like " what about him?" "how he get in?" and everybody paused and looked. then the big dude told us he didn't care we just we not getting in. so that is why i hate the people that run that place. so if u are black you might as well hang it up

  • Marcus Gordon says:
    On Wednesday 8/17/05 2:11 PM
    look i'm not the type to bad mouth any body or place, but zero gravity needs to be exposed. well it might not be a big deal to some poeple but to me and my friends it is. i never been there before and i thought they had a strick dress code,because they said we couldn't get in was that we had jeans and they were too baggy,which they were'nt,so i was like ok. but the next time me and my cousin went the guy stopped us on are way to the door and was like we cant get in. we aske why and he said we have jeans on, note he just came out of the club and he was wearin jeans. so my cousin said "so you saying i got to come here with a tux on to get in?" and the guy smiled and said "that would be extreme but yeah" so we were mad and we began to walk off. then i look and seen a white kid bout my age walk to the door with a long shirt and baggy blue jeans. and i was pissed cause they let him in with no problem. now befor i was calm while i was talking to the people that rejected us, but after seeing that i was next to unrulily. so i stromed up there to the line and before i could touch the little red rope thing that makes the line i was stopped by the same guy. so i asked him " how did that kid get in with jeans" he said "what kid" ,like he didn't take his money and watch him go in. cont..

  • Jessica says:
    On Thursday 8/11/05 1:34 PM
    there are other clubs to go to you can go to enerrgy.Zero Gravity,Mission,Level,Moda: there are a lot of places to go. try some of those ones

  • Samantha says:
    On Sunday 7/17/05 10:55 PM
    well me and some friends want to go to a club and we were thinkin zero but if the person who just wrote said its bad then do you know any place better cuz im 17 along wit a few other pplz, cuz i need myself a place i can meet some guys my age, soo let me know if you know of some place better!

  • zeroishorrible says:
    On Sunday 7/17/05 2:46 PM
    zero gravity is the worst place anyone can go to. if you want to be around all 15-16 year old immature chicks wearing too much makeup and dressing like hoes then go ahead. i would rather stay at home bored to death then go there.

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