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Akainyah Gallery

View Map 357 W. Erie St., Chicago
Tel: (312) 654-0333
Akainyah Gallery Details Find What Else Is Nearby User Reviews
16 Review(s) Total

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  • violet woodard says:
    On Thursday 9/12/13 12:59 AM
    I worked with Sam Akainyah years ago while catering to his gallery. Sam and his wife was an absolute pleasure to work for, I was very saddened to here he had suffered a stroke, my heart & prays go out to him & his family for full & speedy recovery. I have a couple of Sam's prints for sale, please email any requests to

  • Regina Heller says:
    On Wednesday 9/21/11 7:40 PM
    We finally did visit Mr. Akainyah at his gallery several months ago, we learned that he suffered a stroke in 2010 but he is recovering well. He has been a friend for many years but even still it is difficult to get in touch with him and difficult pin down when attempting to acquire his work. I wish I had done so when we were all friends in Chicago 30 years ago, struggling students, when Sam's career as an artist was just beginning. I'm afraid I missed a window of opportunity. If you have any of his work for sale please contact me. Thanks.

  • Jori Jeffrey says:
    On Friday 4/1/11 11:55 PM
    He is very talented. I,however,think that he is a MUCH better artist than he is a teacher. I took a class with him once and was MISERABLY disappointed. I could go on, but I won't.

  • KD says:
    On Monday 7/19/10 1:01 AM
    Fabulous work! I currently own several AP's (Memorial, Emergence,English Blossoms, Cry Freedom, From Wench we Came)and willing to sell. Interested parites should email me:

  • Adrian says:
    On Monday 7/12/10 4:57 PM
    This guy swindled my father out of $1,000. He commissioned Akainyah for one piece, paid the artist and has not received the work, and has not received a reply to his phone calls or other attempts to contact him. I would caution you from giving any moeny to this man before services rendered. BEWARE.

  • Rhandall J Thorpe says:
    On Wednesday 3/31/10 6:13 PM
    A great artist, I own two of his prints.

  • F. ANSAH says:
    On Friday 4/17/09 6:20 AM
    Sammy's gallery - a true memoir. Stay blessed.

  • Jori Jeffrey says:
    On Tuesday 1/27/09 4:18 PM
    havrn't been in a long time.

  • Kwasi Badu-Tweneboah, Ph.D., P.E. says:
    On Saturday 5/5/07 10:13 AM
    Sammy, I can't wait to visit Chicago to come see your Art Gallery. I have heard and read great things about the gallery and your work for the Chicago community. Anyway, it was great talking to you with Ahoya recently. I have been trying to get hold of you but your mail baxo has been full -a testament to how busy you are! Please keep in touch; we have grat palns for you.


  • Gwendolyn Waring says:
    On Thursday 4/6/06 4:53 PM
    Samuel Akainyah is a remarkable artist. I own a few pieces and have encouraged others to buy his works in Atlanta. His art speaks like poetry. I have been trying to find "Sudden emotion" without luck. His talented is captivating as is he as he expresses the feelings that he reflects on the canvas.

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