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Moe's Cantina

View Map 3518 N. Clark St., Chicago
Tel: (773) 248-0002
View Website
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  • Zina says:
    On Sunday 3/27/11 4:06 AM
    Worst experience at a bar. EVER. I buy a drink at 2:10am on a saturday night, and take a few sips. Then I go outside with my friends to have a cigarette. At around 2:30am we go to go back inside to finish our drinks (Moe's is "open til 3am on sat. night"). However, a bunch of stupid ass guys (Moe's employees) don't allow us to go back inside, even though my friend has an open tab at the bar.

  • CA says:
    On Tuesday 4/15/08 8:00 AM
    I went to this bar for a friends' birthday party, and it was freezing cold out, and raining. There was a huge line that took forever to get through, however there weren't any people inside the bar. It seemed like they only had a line so they could make Moe's seem cooler than it actually is. Plus it was only about 10pm when I got there which is still fairly early for a bar to have lines like that.

    You might be able to skip the line though, like some of the 12 year old girls who somehow got in.

    Once I got in the bartenders were super speedy and the music was decent, but there really wasn't a need for the line.

  • giorgio says:
    On Friday 1/26/07 12:38 PM
    this place is off the hook!great people.

  • Jessica says:
    On Thursday 8/17/06 4:03 PM
    This is one of my favorite bars on the northside. Although I am a huge Cubs fan it does separate itself from the rest of the Wrigleyville sports bars. The music may be a bit loud but the d.j. is great all night long and there are always good looking people in the bar. My girlfriends and I have never had a bad time at this bar. One crucial thing to remember is GET THERE EARLY!! The word is spreading fast about this bar and there is always a line. So, if you don't want to wait 45 minutes then plan on having Moe's be your first bar of the night or else you may never get in. Always a packed bar and always fun!

  • scott says:
    On Tuesday 8/30/05 5:01 PM
    Moe's Cantina is exactly what the dirty un-hip part of Wrigleyville needed. Finally a place that is trying to make it on it's own without throwing up a Cubs banner a $200 tv and calling itself a sports bar. Some real effort was made here. And umm... can I tell ya how hot the staff is? Whoever thought corsettes wouldn't be hot is crazy! The hostesses are friendly and equally as delicious. Food is creative fun and not too pricey. Add some liquor and your tab might be much more than you're used to in Wrigleyville, but it's oh so worth it. Music IS a little loud as suggested, but nothing you can;t deal with or have experienced before. They will work out the kinks I am sure.

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