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View Map 4712 N. Broadway Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 506-1845
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  • Sarah says:
    On Saturday 4/14/07 3:08 AM
    The maki were undoubtedly the most flavorful rolls my tastebuds have ever encountered. It's true--you don't need to dip it in soy sauce at all. We ordered so many things from there, but the Turtle Roll definitely pops out in my memory. It was almost too cute to eat! But once we started eating it, it disappeared very quickly.

    I actually had a bit of a headache as I left the restaurant.. the interior decorator went a bit overboard. I prefer being in warmer settings. Agami is very dark, with a lot of random splashes of bright colors... a busy television repeating meaningless clips. It was almost like they tried too hard to be "artsy" and contemporary, but the food is well worth the initial visual overload.

    Service was fine. Our server was very polite and got things to us in an orderly, timely manner. I prefer servers that aren't too familiar, so she was perfect.

  • Kelly says:
    On Wednesday 3/21/07 2:11 PM
    De-licious! I have been raving about this place since my visit on Saturday. I am no sushi expert but I know good when I taste it. I have been to plenty of sushi spots but this one is the coolest and the maki rolls have definitely been crafted and created by a master. It's funny that the chef hails from Kamehachi and Sushi Wabi because those used to be my spots of choice but now it's worth a trip from Indiana for Agami. I'll stop now because I really could go on and on. Gotta try the King Kong! MM!MM!

  • Karen Tokarz says:
    On Thursday 1/18/07 4:32 PM
    The BEST sushi in Chicago for sure!

  • Jo says:
    On Sunday 4/23/06 1:17 PM
    This was a great find. The crazy-mod lettering out front is a good indication of the contemporary decor within--it's definitely one of the hippest sushi spots I've seen in Chicago. There are big red booths that are great for groups, the wine menu had a ton of my favorites and the spicy tuna was perfection - no mayo, just a ton (ton!) of heat.

  • David New says:
    On Sunday 2/12/06 3:52 PM
    After forsaking the chance of getting a table at any of our favorite restaurants in Andersonville due to the crush of people who invaded from - where? - my dining partner and I decided to try out the eye-catching sushi place next to Borders on Broadway. From the greeting to the first sip of our cocktails thru the gorgeous and delicious food, we were thrilled with our choice. Lovely wait staff and those astonishing guys behind the sushi bar made us very happy we took this detour from our neighboorhood on Saturday night. Run, don't walk to this place - you won't be sorry.

  • halfkoreanstudmuffin says:
    On Wednesday 1/4/06 10:36 PM
    It's still pretty much dead within. This is uptown, it's not yuppieville so don't expect a bunch of hot looking 20'somethings lounging about. The service seemed okay, not overly friendly or conversational. When I finished eatting they didn't bother to ask whether I wanted another drink but promptly gave me the check like they're in a hurry for me to leave. I had the seabass, my girl had the flame mignon, a mudslide and a pint of beer averaged out to bout $68.00, not terribly expensive. Wait awhile for this place to get populated.

  • Liz says:
    On Sunday 1/1/06 12:00 AM
    It's nice to see a new restaurant on Broadway, especially one where so much money has been invested in the store front and decor. Looking through the large expanse of windows, you can see a long hip bar. Once inside, the rest of the interior follows suit - cool red circular booths, private rooms. Ironically, the patrons don't. It's hard for Agami to pull off the constant club music and the psychedelic images on the flat screen televisions when so many normal neighborhood people come in wearing sweatshirts. Despite the incongruities, there are many positives. The waitstaff is friendly, knowledgeable and extremely attentive. A nice change of pace from many sushi restaurants. The sashimi is well above average. The maki rolls were inventive and tasty. We also enjoyed an appetizer of white tuna carpaccio encrusted in sesame seeds on a bed of greens. It was worth the trip Uptown. Keep in mind parking is difficult because of the Aragon and no valet service yet, but we found plenty of metered spots about a block south of Agami on Broadway under the el tracks and in front of the stop.

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