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Deadwax Records

View Map 3819 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 529-1932
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9 Review(s) Total

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  • lplpdtrh says:
    On Sunday 12/9/12 9:49 PM
    69rOre , [url=]qdylmuvpvdfp[/url], [link=]nwyyflfnfqsr[/link],

  • vypzfnhtl says:
    On Wednesday 12/5/12 6:54 PM
    Ox6xSd joxguhlfclgk

  • rvlhsgtpghu says:
    On Tuesday 12/4/12 2:49 PM
    2jigAS , [url=]wkhrrrcisxxu[/url], [link=]vllwruqdapcg[/link],

  • Birdie says:
    On Monday 12/3/12 5:11 AM
    A good many valulabes you've given me.

  • slaoptqkqa says:
    On Saturday 11/12/11 5:18 AM
    RrfuKq nccmwacuyajv

  • sxkcrrmnpi says:
    On Thursday 11/10/11 2:19 AM
    kUydzG eahemrqsfdgy

  • Susannah says:
    On Wednesday 11/9/11 6:05 PM
    Home run! Great slugging with that asenwr!

  • Lendon Sadler says:
    On Thursday 1/3/08 3:20 AM
    The demise of the neighborhood record stores often meant the disappearance of the passionate fan behind the counter. But over a bunch of years and in several venues, there was Wilber. Wilber typifies a certain archetype of recording enthusiast. He is professional and conversant in almost anything ever committed to vinyl. He exudes the kind of confident expertise devoid of condescension & with the easy-going expertise of a passionate connoisseur. He clearly loves what he does, but more importantly, he appreciates sharing what he loves. He's the kind of fellow that I always felt comfortable asking what fresh sounds he'd discovered recently, confident that he'd have a 1/2 dozen current releases to plug, most of which I'd usually find favor with. Ah, I hear the cynics among you mumbling that this is all a matter of taste. It is the Wilbers of the music world that share knowledge of the new. Despite the crass din of music biz hype, his is the responsible voice of passionate advocacy for many musicians busting their humps to be heard over the clatter. It's true that his job is to sell sounds. However, his vocation is listening to tunes all day long. So his recommendations merit serious consideration. Global conglomerates may stock everything in print. But without a Wilber to guide you to the goodies, it's just bins of soulless product. S0, as Slick Grace use to say, Go ask Wilber. He is the guru of vinyl wisdom at DEADWAX. Now, go get you some sounds!

  • Kevin Walker says:
    On Wednesday 10/25/06 10:55 PM
    It's hard for me to find the words to tell you how great this place is, but I'll try. I was looking for 10 rare LPs & CDs - and this place not only had 8 out of 10 - but they were all reasonably priced. Plus they had some of those rare WXRT CDs low priced as well - so I asked the owner why? - and he said "I want to sell them I don't want them to collect dust." My Guy!

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