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Chicago's Festa Pasta Vino

View Map 2400 S. Oakley Ave., Chicago
Tel: (847) 233-9966
View Website
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  • yfocpyiii says:
    On Tuesday 3/19/13 12:03 PM
    qjAaH9 , [url=]dsssxatqvwtm[/url], [link=]imnqzeileond[/link],

  • uderzig says:
    On Tuesday 3/19/13 6:07 AM
    SwmLw9 dmqsayjhmfyn

  • Kot says:
    On Monday 3/18/13 3:24 AM
    Hi Nota! Richmond is indeed an awemsoe city. I really feel as though I've settled in, but yet—and I mean this in a good way—not being FROM here allows me to sort of skirt around the edges of things and be an observer more than if I were still in my hometown. Might be one reason why the writing feels more secure Anyway, I hope you don't have to leave and I hope I'll get to stay put, too. I'm looking forward to more lunches at Can Can with you!

  • marty zick says:
    On Friday 6/8/12 1:13 PM
    I cant find your page,of the list of performers,or schedule of times.My wife and I come every year.Please forword if possible.

  • Doug Tally says:
    On Wednesday 6/23/10 8:13 AM
    We've been attending the fest on and off for about 10-15 years but had not attended for the last few. We were pleasantly surprised to see how nicely the fest has developed. An entry fee was well worth the enhancements: vendor tents, additional lighting and decoration, professional stage with lighting and special effects. It's starting to go upscale with the enhancements and the clientele is becoming mixed traditional attendees and newcomers from other neighborhoods. Whomever is running it is doing a really nice job. I don't doubt it costs a good deal to hire a talented company to manage the event but it's worth it. If some volunteers are doing this... someone better hire them fast.

  • john w says:
    On Monday 6/21/10 6:36 AM
    We went to the '10 fest, last day. It was decent enough and something new. The Chicago Rat Pack was fun to see. Parking of course is an issue. I read some place that there was free parking, I didn't see any except for street parking which was HARD to find. People were parked illegally everywhere. Half the vendors were selling carnival trinkets and the like. Other half was food vendors made up of area restaurants. Food was just OK - but our standards are high. Still surprising, given the multitude of Italian restaurants on Oakley. Since it's not convenient at all for us, I doubt we'd go again.

  • Cathy Nichin says:
    On Wednesday 6/11/08 9:48 AM
    2007 was our first year, and we LOVED it! Will return again this year and will be working the fest also! We had a great time, great music, delicious food, fun people, very inviting, like going home.

  • mary b says:
    On Wednesday 6/4/08 9:47 AM
    Anybody know what the entertainment lineup is for this years Festa? Its only a couple weeks away and its still TBA on the Onesti site,and area businesses say they havent heard either and are wondering. Hopefully they will bring Dion back...he was great!

  • joanna m frosolone says:
    On Wednesday 3/19/08 1:22 PM
    the best best best entertaiment & food of any fest we attend been going for 5 years would not miss it

  • Allie says:
    On Thursday 5/24/07 10:51 AM
    I stumbled across the Festa Pasta Vino a couple of years ago & I loved it so much I go back every year, this will make my 3rd year. The atmosphere is great & the food is to die for!

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