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Cloud Nine Cupcakes

Sweet Mandy B's rocks the dessert world.
Tuesday Jun 21, 2005.     By Misty Tosh
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So, I have a cute little food blog called Big Sweet Tooth and there's this feature on the program that runs it which lets me check the statistics. In other words, I can click on the specified tab and it opens up a little box that tells me how many people logged on and where they found me (i.e. what search engine they used and what their entry was).

There have been some google search doozies that I can't even go in to (imagine big and sweet and some other nasty, nasty things) but the single most requested google search that leads folks to my site is for Sweet Mandy B's cupcakes. I have an entry on BST about my gnarly addiction to them and apparently, I'm not alone.

If you've never been to this adorable sweets shop on Webster, go now. It is the happiest, warmest, most delicious old-fashioned comfort shop in Chicago. The yellow walls bounce off bright, cumbersome baby strollers and the exasperated staff never seems take it out on the frenzied customers. They're all chillin' behind the counter, just whipping up homemade cakes and thick, creamy frosting, with not a care in the world. They seem to have a turtle's patience…I mean, can you imagine hundreds of full-blown adults freaking out about cupcakes, snickerdoodle cookies, banana pudding cups and mini-cheesecakes all day long? Sorry to letcha know, I'm right there with them.

I usually go for the moist chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with butter cream frosting (umm, it's pretty easy to shove down about a half dozen of these lovelies) and the mini-melt-in-your-mouth cheesecakes with fresh blueberries. Both are insanely lush and make any other fancy desserts (sorry Tru) seem like the small time (merely peanuts). There is nothing in the world like real desserts, made in a down-home kitchen and Sweet Mandy's manages to make me feel like I am back on the mountain licking the pudding from the bowl with my nubby, little fingers (well, scooping the pudding with my entire hands is more like it).

On top of all the cakes being the fluffiest ever (try the decadent chocolate layer cake), the cookies are big, chewy and soft and I can't rave enough about the dense coconut cream pie. (Yep, my sweets buddy, Lisa, and I have been known to eat the entire mini-pie in-house.) The cake plate whoopee pies are full of creamy joy and the coconut macaroons taste like they are straight out of a Parisian bakery. Oh, and all of the fruit pies that litter the counter top are usually still bubbling if you get there early enough in the day. Sheer bliss.

In the end, there is nothing in this spot that is to be missed. Cakes, cookies, pies, candies and puddings are what make the world go round (well, they should be) and in Chicago, the epicenter is Sweet Mandy B's.

THE FINAL RAVE: Once you taste a lone cupcake, there is no going back. You have been warned.


Read It: Borders
"Pillsbury: Best Desserts"…it simply doesn't get any better than this old-style cookbook.

Eat It: Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop
I usually skip the mayhem of Michigan Avenue, but this little gem 'round the corner from Borders dishes up jaw dropping ice cream sundaes (all with a pretty red cherry on top).

Drink It: Hot Chocolate
There's nothing more appealing than a dessert restaurant that serves flights of sweets and creamy drinks. Try the hot chocolate variety, its' well worth the hefty price tag.

Get Crazy With It: Kendall College
One of the premiere cooking schools in the country, this college has recently revamped its image, gone a little more hip and now offers recreational classes for the maybe-I-wanna-be-chef type.

The Raving Dish lovely. Fatcake Misty Tosh explores back-alley eateries, holes-in-the-wall and seedy ethnic joints as she treks the city in search of the next raving dish. Join her in the quest.


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