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Margie's Beef

View Map1334 N. Cicero Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 287-6700
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Editorial Review of Margie's Beef

This West Side tubed beefery claims a community presence since 1927, slinging punch-clock-quick fry and soda combos to many nearby factory workers along Cicero Ave. The seatless, sterile dining floor has seen its share of changes over the years, and even a brief stint in liquor sales, as well. And a recent drive-thru addition has made the spot a late-night greasy go-to.

Minimalist at first glance, stripping the Chicago dog formula to a simple onion, sport pepper and mustard pleasure, Margie's doesn't flaunt its class; but it's there. For one, all orders hit the counter packaged in Burger King bags. Then there are the fries, hand-cut and sogged to perfection like they had a date with the oven (free with dogs and polishes; $1.53 alone). And the 'mother-in-law,' hiding there in the corner of the menu, dressed in homemade chili and a steamed hot dog bun ($2.33), is the best thing to happen to a tamale since the Tamale Guy.

Sadly, though, what once wrought the place the most class, its Italian beef story goes that Margie's was one of the first joints to introduce the staple to its menu in the '50s has become a thing of sour giardiniera and S. Rosen's flour bun blandness. Though a second trip revealed the introduction of a French roll. So the care is there. And it still stays true to its working class roots, making it very difficult for customers to spend more than $6 on a meal.

Average cost: <$10

Centerstage Reviewer: Gavin Paul

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10 a.m.-7 a.m. daily (drive-thru only 7 p.m.-7 a.m.)

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