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Fight Girl Battle World

Target this show if you're aiming for a good time.

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$55-$95 (season pass)

Qui Nguyen


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Runs May 14, 2013-June 16, 2013

Friday8 p.m.
Saturday8 p.m.
Sunday3 p.m.
Thursday8 p.m.

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Playwright Qui Nguyen’s geek action operas have names like "Soul Samurai” and “She Fights Monsters." Nguyen’s latest Midwest premiere is a Lucas-esque epic about E-V, a battle-hardened prize-fighter who is also the last living female human. Critics say it's a high-energy romp that will confuse some and delight others. Closing this weekend, so if you want to see it, hit warp speed now.

reviewed performanceCenterstage Show Review
Reviewer: Alex Huntsberger
Tuesday May 21, 2013

When tracing the D.N.A. of Qui Nguyen”s play “Fight Girl Battle World” you are not likely to detect a lot of Eugene O’Neill or Arthur Miller. The play is more a descendant of George Lucas and Edgar Rice Burroughs, a sci-fi space opera with a good helping of irony mixed in to boot. More conservative audiences might be left scratching their heads at Infusion Theatre’s spirited production of “Fight Girl Battle World” but younger audiences will find a show that really speaks their language. The “Fight Girl” in question is E-V (Sheila O’Connor), a working girl gladiator in the galactic outskirts and also one of only two remaining humans in the universe. She is plucked from obscurity by rebel general Dan’h (Rob Grabowski) so that she might forcibly mate with the galaxies other surviving human, wayward space terrorist Adon-Ra (Zach Livingston). And of course the evil galactic empire, lead by President Ya-Wi (Michael Allan Harris) and his heavily eye-shadowed minion Commander G-Brill (Elise Mayfield), will stop at nothing to stop that from happening. Director Mitch Golob stops at nothing to create the full blockbuster effect, the show occasionally becoming a parade of wacky costumes, sound-and-light shows and charmingly staged (by fight director David Blixt) bouts of violence. However, especially in the first half, the show struggles with wrangling all of these elements into a working machine, the awkward transitions from scene to scenes fumbling away the sugar-high energy that the actors have worked to create. But the show starts clicking near the halfway mark, particularly following the introduction of E-V’s British robot companion LC-4. Actor Josh Hambrock brings a wonderful combination of pluck and pathos to the role and is simply a pleasure to watch. Grambowki and Mayfield also deliver key scene-stealing turns, Grambowski having perfected the art of comedic bellowing and Mayfield delivering an off-kilter embodiment of a Midwestern stage mom on steroids. Someone looking for “All My Sons,” definitely won’t find what they’re looking for, but anyone looking for a good time just needs to aim for “Fight Girl Battle World” and then stay on target.

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