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Victory's Banner

View Map 2100 W. Roscoe St., Chicago
Tel: (773) 665-0227
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Menu for Victory's Banner

  • Breakfast… Served all day

  • Lunch… served after 11:00am

    Victory's Banner Breakfast Photo

    Egg specials
    French Toasts and Wonders
    Pancake Panache
    Waffle World
    Cereals, Yogurt, and Fruits

    Egg Specials back to top
    All our egg dishes are made with Phil’s Free Range Eggs and served with grilled potatoes and warmed Hearth Bread

    Satisfaction-Promise $7.25
    Our most popular egg dish. 2 eggs scrambled with spinach, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and feta

    Healthy Scrambled + Veggies $6.95
    2 eggs scrambled with marinated tofu + your choice of 2 veggies, served with brown rice

    Egg and Sausage Bagel Sandwich $6.95
    2 scrambled eggs, veggie cream cheese, and Soy Sausage on a toasted bagel of your choice. Add a veggie for .60

    Breakfast Burrito $7.25
    A tomato-basil tortilla stuffed with 2 scrambled eggs, mushroom, onion, smoked gouda, pinto beans and sour cream. Organic salsa and brown rice on the side

    2 Any ole’ $4.45
    2 eggs as you like `em

    Make your own Scrambles $4.45 + .60 each item or $1.00 each item:

    .60 items
    Onions, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Zucchini, Broccoli,
    Fresh Spinach, Red Peppers, Garlic, Basil, Pesto*
    $1.00 items
    Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Organic Tofu, Soy Sausage,
    Stripples-Soy Bacon, Goat Cheese, Feta Cheese,
    Smoked Dutch Gouda, Sharp Vermont Cheddar, Parmesan

    Omelettes back to top
    Rich, fluffy 3 egg omelettes, served with grilled potatoes and warmed Hearth Bread

    The Greek $7.25
    Fresh spinach and feta

    The Athenian $7.85
    Tomato, onion and feta

    Broccoli and Cheddar $7.25
    Fresh broccoli flowers and Vermont cheddar...a classic!

    Veggie Delight $7.45
    Mushrooms, onions, tomato and zucchini

    Pesto and goat cheese $7.65
    Home-made pesto and goat cheese has made this a favorite

    Frittata $7.95
    Open-faced omelette with broccoli, tomato, zucchini, potato, parmesan and Italian herbs (no side potatoes)

    Bacon, Cheddar and Tomato $8.25
    Pieces of grilled soy bacon with tomato and Vermont Cheddar

    Sausage and Smoked Gouda $7.65
    Chunks of soy sausage with smoked Dutch Gouda cheese

    Make your own
    Go be the chef. Choose from any of the ingredients listed under scrambles $5.65 + item price

    Breakfast Combos
    #1: 2 eggs + a single piece of French Toast
    #2: 2 eggs + short order of Pancakes (2)
    Apple-Pecan, Chocolate Chip, or Fruit add $1.25

    French Toasts and Wonders back to top

    Victory Banner’s Award-Winning French Toast $5.85
    And we mean it! Selected a must have in our first restaurant by the Chicago Tribune w/ peach butter and real maple syrup

    Raspberry French Toast $7.15
    Our French Toast with raspberries and powdered sugar

    Erin’s Eggless Wonder $6.95
    Marinated tofu with broccoli, onion, tomato, mushroom, zucchini, potato, goat cheese and brown rice

    Eggless Wonder #2
    Like the original except replace goat with feta and add pesto!

    Pancake Panache back to top
    All served with REAL maple syrup

    Oat Bran Pancakes $4.75
    No tricks, straight up

    Pancake Delight $6.95
    2 cakes with a ring of yogurt & granola with raspberries in the center. Awesome.

    Apple-Pecan Pancakes $6.45
    Our Oat Brans with toasted pecans & cinnamon- apples

    Chocolate Chip Pancakes $5.95
    Little kid portion $4.25

    Raspberry Cakes $6.35
    Pancakes chock full of raspberries

    Banana-Walnut Cakes $6.55
    Stuffed with banana slices and toasted walnuts

    Waffle World back to top

    Belgian Waffle $4.85
    When was the last time you had a really good
    buckwheat waffle, served with real maple syrup?

    Apple-Pecan Waffle $6.45
    Topped with cinnamon-baked apples and pecans

    Ultimate Waffle $7.95
    Topped with fresh seasonal fruit and whipped cream

    Chocolate Chip Waffle $6.45
    With whipped cream

    Cereals, Yogurt and Fruits back to top

    Uppama $5.45
    Try something new... India’s answer to cream of wheat - a savory hot cereal with peas, tomatoes and onions, served with a sweet coconut chutney and yogurt

    Plain $3.25
    with fresh fruit $4.75
    with yogurt $4.45
    yogurt and fruit $5.75
    Fruit bowl $4.25

    Hot Oatmeal (includes 1 item) $3.75
    Cinnamon-baked apples
    2 items add .75, 3 items add $1

    Yogurt (cup) $2.75

    Victory's Banner Lunch Photo
    Lunch… served after 11:00am

    back to top

    Homemade Soup
    Burger World
    Wraps, etc.
    Sides & Extras

    Served with Hearth Bread (Full/Half)

    Salad Supreme $7.75/4.95
    Field greens topped with a rainbow of fresh peppers, carrots, alfalfa sprouts, cucumbers and tomato

    Spinach Salad $7.95/5.25
    Not your usual. Spinach, topped with hard boiled egg, red onion, cucumber and marinated Portabella mushrooms, served with our Dijon-Vinaigrette dressing

    Greek Salad $7.95/5.25
    Field greens topped with tomato, black olive, red onion, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber and feta cheese

    Spring Chicken Salad $8.25/6.25
    Field greens with grilled soy chicken, tomato, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, walnuts, and Mango-Lime dressing

    Hummus Salad Platter $7.55/4.95
    Our homemade hummus lined with vegetable dippers: red peppers, carrots, cucumbers

    Rapsberry Vinaigrette, Mango-Lime, Dijon Vinaigrette, Balsamic Herb

    Homemade Soup back to Lunch
    Made from scratch in our kitchen

    Bowl $3.45/ Cup $1.95

    Soup and Salad Special $6.95
    A cup of soup and half salad of your choice!

    Peasant’s Lunch $5.95
    A bowl of soup and two slices of bread warmed with goat cheese and pesto

    Neatloafs back to lunch

    Neatloaf Dinner $7.50
    The internationally acclaimed Neatloaf! A combination of grains, cheeses, tofu, rice and spices. Topped with Neatloaf sauce and served with homemade mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy

    Neatloaf Sandwich $6.45
    Our homemade Neatloaf on hearth bread with alfalfa sprouts, field greens, tomato, Neatloaf sauce and a tamari-mayo spread. Your choice of rice, mashed potatoes or grilled potatoes

    Burger World back to lunch
    With grilled potatoes, mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy, or brown rice. All burgers can be MADE vegan upon request

    Bliss Burger $6.25
    Our homemade veggie burger, made from grains, veggies and spices, topped with field greens, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, grilled red onion and a tamari-mayo spread. Add a cheese for $1 more

    Bacon Cheeseburger $7.45
    Our Bliss Burger topped with grilled soy bacon and melted cheddar, plus field greens, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, red onion and a tamari-mayo spread

    Southwest Burger $7.45
    The Bliss Burger served with sauteed mushrooms, melted cheddar, and a tangy special sauce, plus field greens, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, red onion and a tamari-mayo spread

    Wraps, etc. back to lunch
    With grilled potatoes, mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy, or brown rice.
    Any of the following can be MADE vegan upon request

    Portabella Mushroom Wrap $6.95
    A marinated Portabella mushroom cap, sliced and wrapped in a spinach tortilla with goat cheese, red pepper, grilled red onion, field greens and alfalfa sprouts. Scrumptious!

    Smoky Chicken Wrap $7.95
    Soy chicken chunks and soy bacon, grilled with red onion and smoked gouda, then wrapped up in a tomato-basil tortilla with field greens, alfalfa sprouts, tomato and a tangy special sauce

    Coconut-Peanut Veggie Wrap $7.25
    Broccoli, red pepper, mushroom, onion and zucchini simmered in a coconut-peanut sauce with grilled tofu and brown rice, then wrapped up in a spinach tortilla

    Curry Wrap $7.25
    Curried tofu and veggies: broccoli, spinach, tomato, zucchini, onion, and mushroom wrapped up in a spinach tortilla with sour cream, apple chutney and brown rice

    Mexican Pizza $7.25
    A baked tomato-basil tortilla crust layered with pinto beans, spinach, mushrooms, onion, melted cheddar, sour cream and organic salsa

    Brahma Burrito $6.75
    The ultimate Burrito... pinto beans with extra veggies - mushroom, red peppers, onions, zucchini, smoked gouda, brown rice and sour cream wrapped up in a tomato-basil tortilla. Served with organic salsa on the side

    Nachos Supreme (wheat free) $6.75
    Organic blue corn chips layered with cheddar cheese, pinto beans, raw red onion, mushrooms, sour cream and organic salsa

    Sides & Extras

    Bagels: Plain, Sesame Seed or Onion $1.00
    Bagel with Plain or Veggie Cream Cheese $1.50
    Hearth Bread .95
    Brown Rice .95
    Grilled Potatoes $1.57
    Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
    (Lunch) $1.75
    Soy Sausage $2.45
    Stripples - Soy Bacon $2.85
    Marinated Tofu $2.25
    1 egg/2 eggs .95/$1.90

    Hummus served with hearth bread $3.55

    back to lunch

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